General questions
Quicrypto is a “reward app” that allows its users to earn money (in the form of the Nano cryptocurrency) by watching ads and completeing offers. Using Quicrypto, users can enter the cryptocurrency world without risking their own funds. As the name suggests, we aim to provide the fastest and simplest way to get cryptocurrencies.
At the moment, Nano is the fastest cryptocurrency out there. In addition, it is completely feeless. These two properties make Nano an ideal solution for sending small rewards quickly, without wasting anything on transaction fees. Thus, using Nano, we can provide a superior experience compared to other reward apps.
In short, you can use an online wallet through your browser, a mobile (Android or iOS) wallet, or a desktop wallet. Please have a look at for the options recommended by the Nano development team. In any case, please make sure you keep your Wallet's seed (or passphrase) safe, otherwise you may lose access to you funds.
Wallet Verification
The wallet verification process requires these simple steps:
  1. First we ask you to enter your Nano wallet's address.
  2. Once we get your Nano address, we will send a small amount of Nano to your wallet. During the beta testing phase this may take up to 24 hours, but we plan to make it instanteneous in later stages.
  3. To show that you actually own your wallet, we will ask you to enter the amount of Nano you received.
  4. If the amount is correct, the verification process is complete and you can withdraw your rewards.
For security reasons, it is neccessary for us to assign a single wallet to each user. This can become problematic if a user unintentionally enters an incorrect wallet, and is then unable to change it. To avoid this scenario, we introduced the wallet verification process, through which we verify that a user has indeed entered the correct Nano wallet.
Probably not: As we state in each offer, the displayed reward is only an estimate of the actual reward, which is determined upon completion and verification of the offer, and may change due to variations in the price of Nano. However, if you have any specific concerns, please contact us at
The offers displayed in the app are provided and confirmed by third-party companies. Thus, we rely on them to verify the completion of an offer, and may not be able to know the reason for the offer's failure.
In general, failed offers may occur for the following reasons:
  1. You may have previously installed the application/service advertised in the offer before
  2. You may be using a VPN
  3. The offer may have expired
  4. The user may have violated the terms of the third-party application/service
Rewarded Videos
Rewarded videos provide varying rewards, determined and distributed once a day. Basically, we distribute our earnings from users watching the video ads to our users in proportion to the amount of videos they watched (i.e., a user who watched two videos will receive two times the reward earned by a user who watched a single video).
We distribute the rewards once every 24 hours. The time left until the next distribution is displayed in the “Rewarded Videos” page. The rewards are distributed with a 24 hours delay (e.g., rewards earned for watching videos today will be distributed tomorrow).